Why Wahl?

Personal report from Lukas Masny
business information systems student

Since September 2013, I have been doing a dual education course in business information systems at Wahl GmbH.

I was immediately struck by the constant friendliness of the staff, as well as the family atmosphere. Wahl GmbH provides its employees with plenty of special offers and activities, and I believe that these are the main reasons why it is so friendly here. For example, there are annual Christmas and summer parties as well as various sports activities, and these allow the staff to get to know each other better and socialise together outside of work.

My training is made up of elements that are extremely varied; these provide me with an idea of what my future working routine will be like and allow me to make excellent progress in my training. I have also been able to participate in the company's internal program workshops and training courses, which have enabled me and other employees to get to grips with the software more easily.

I would like to conclude by mentioning that I am very happy to have Wahl GmbH as my training partner, for the company is very dedicated to my progress and provides practical course elements that usefully complement the university's theoretical ones.