Wahl provides a professional resharpening service direct from the manufacturer for blade sets for your WAHL, MOSER and ermila hairstyling appliances.

Wahl GmbH - Resharpening Service

Germany & Austria only

Our resharpening service encompasses the following:

  • Resharpening of carving and cutting blades on our high-tech machines
  • Replacement of all components (blade set holders, springs, screws, retaining plates, etc. - depending on the blade set)
  • Fitting incl. adjusting and 100% cutting test

This service is available for blade sets for the following appliances:

Human hair: 

Bladeset 1590-7000
(Bella, ChroMini, LiPro Mini, T-Cut, motion nano, NeoLiner & Super Trimmer)

Bladeset 1854-7505 
(Bellina, ChromStyle, Genio, Genius, LiPro, Neo, SuperCordless & Power+)

3mm Bladeset 1245-7931 
(Class45 & Class50)

1mm Bladeset 1245-7320 
(Class45 und Class50)

Animal Fur:

1 mm Bladeset 1245-7320 
(Max45, Max50)

2,3 mm Bladeset 1245-7480 
(Max45, Max50 und Avalon)

3 mm Bladeset 1245-7931 
(Max45, Max50, Class45 und Class50)


Our pool system enables us to keep delivery times down to approx. 2-3 working days. This means that, rather than receiving your own blade set again, you will receive a ready sharpened set as a replacement. 

Please note the following if you wish to avail of our resharpening service:

  • Blade sets will only be accepted in a clean condition
  • Blade sets with damaged teeth or rusted or severely worn cutting surfaces cannot be resharpened

Please include a brief cover letter in your delivery with your address and telephone number. Information on prices for pool replacement blade sets can be obtained from our Service Center.

Please contact:
Villinger Str. 4
78089 Unterkirnach

Tel.:         +49 7721 806 903
Fax:         +49 7721 806 205


Payment conditions
You will receive the goods with an invoice (but without prepayment) if the gross costs are less than 100 EUR. Where the gross invoice amount exceeds 100 EUR, you will receive a pro forma invoice for prepayment by post, fax or e-mail. The appliance will be returned by UPS with the original invoice included on receipt of payment.


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