Wahl GmbH - Marketing

Personal report from Luisa Hackl
Product Manager, Marketing

I had already started to focus on marketing during my International Business studies and, directly after obtaining my degree in business administration, WAHL GmbH offered me the chance to take up the position of Junior Product Manager in Marketing.
I was sceptical at first, because I hadn't heard a lot about WAHL prior to this. But I was convinced after the first interview. The decisive factors for me were an open and frank atmosphere for discussion and interesting tasks in an international environment.
And I wasn't disappointed in my expectations. I was able to contribute and implement my own ideas right from the outset. Enormous value is placed on taking personal responsibility in your work at Wahl.  My duties are extremely varied and encompass both product management and marketing. I find the interplay between creativity, aesthetics and technology particularly interesting: as technical products, professional hairstyling appliances still leave a certain amount of room for creative manoeuvring when it comes to different colours, shapes and functions. Internal company specifications must, of course, be met when it comes to the layout of packaging, catalogues and flyers, but other than this, no limits are set when it comes to creativity.

In addition to interesting and varied tasks, the most important factor for me is the excellent working atmosphere at Wahl. Relationships between colleagues are exceptionally good and are additionally fostered through different events such as an annual summer party, a Christmas party and a variety of sporting activities.

It never fails to thrill me when I consider the level of technical know-how which can be found at WAHL – a medium-sized enterprise from the Black Forest. New investments are made and the location is expanded on a regular basis. We develop and implement innovative new ideas in Unterkirnach, and the results of these are marketed in 180 countries around the world.

Intercultural competences are both required and encouraged, thanks to our American parent company and many customers abroad. This sometimes represents a challenge, but it's primarily extremely interesting and, indeed, it helps you to consider your own attitude time and again.
All in all, WAHL was the right choice for me!