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Wahl GmbH - Quality Assurance

Personal report from Jutta Müller
Quality Assurance of Finished Goods

I'm Jutta Müller, and I've been working for WAHL GmbH, the former Moser Elektrogeräte GmbH, for 32 years.

I was taken on by the company in November 1979 and assigned to the stamping workshop. I had learnt to be a hairdresser, but health reasons forced me to stop working in this profession, so I decided back then to join Moser.

I was then able to gain experience over the following years as an assembly worker in the factory which was at that time located in Tannheim.

In the mid-1990s, the company offered me the opportunity to work in the printing department. I was responsible there for setting up the Tampo printing machines for printing on hairstyling appliance and razor casings. My duties also included the coordination and processing of orders true to schedule.  Thanks to several seminars, courses and SAP training modules, WAHL enabled me to broaden my knowledge, and I was eventually personally able to take over the department at the end of the 1990s.
I was also responsible at this time for appliance packing which involved readying the products in due time for shipping.

I was then able to gain additional experience in Quality Management during the course of restructuring at WAHL. Production was later divided into value streams, and I was assigned to the Purchased Finished Goods stream.
My duties encompass initial sampling with appropriate documentation, the drafting of inspection protocols and management of key quality indicators. I am also responsible for conducting inspections of incoming goods according to inspection protocols, the evaluation of inspection results and the processing of customer complaints.
My duties also involve providing assistance in the Product Engineering division. I have also been a Safety and First Aid Officer for some years now.

My work here is both fun and extremely interesting, and I'm very happy at WAHL GmbH. I really enjoy working together with my colleagues.