Why Wahl?

Wahl GmbH - Development

Personal report from James Iga
Product Manager, Development

Following studies in mechanical engineering, I also completed postgraduate studies in engineering management at the University of Braunschweig – Institute of Technology (TU Braunschweig).

Following several years in classic mechanical engineering fields (gears and transmission) and a position with a company producing medical equipment, I joined Wahl GmbH in April 2002.

Right from the outset, the global interrelationships apparent at Wahl GmbH impressed me greatly.  The staff consists of employees from different countries,  and the appliances are also marketed in a broad variety of markets on every continent. The hierarchy is very flat, thus promoting development opportunities for employees and encouraging new ideas. 

In my first position as Production Planner for Consumer Appliances, I was heavily involved with suppliers of automation and assembly technology, fixtures and packaging machinery. This stimulated and encouraged my negotiating skills. I also had to coordinate the construction of assembly lines and realization of pilot series production runs at our affiliated company in Hungary. This cultural interweaving greatly enriched my life.

A particular highlight for me was the multitude of opportunities to participate in health measures and further education and the well-organized summer and Christmas parties.

I have been Product Manager since 2005. In addition to being purely working tools, our products also need to fulfill the expectations of customers with regard to aesthetics, ergonomics, noise and vibration.  Therefore, contact with the customer is extremely important during development of new machines.  Working in small project teams has an extremely positive effect on the professional climate and allows everybody to expand his or her knowledge from other technical areas. 

One of our company’s Vice Presidents once said: “The need for appliances to cut and trim hair will continue to exist as long as people grow hair.”  I am delighted to have contributed to our reputation of producing the finest hairstyling appliances and personal care products, and it makes me immensely proud when customers express their satisfaction with our products.   Even after 10 years of service at Wahl GmbH, I am still extremely happy and enthusiastic about working for this company.